Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Differing opinions

Because of course what the world needs is another blog about houses and house hunting and house decorating and house renovating and house, house, house (only with a distinct lack of Hugh Laurie in its contents).

What I'm attempting here is a way to keep my thoughts in order as my family and I wade through the massive amount of homes for sale in the Seattle area. Some are gems and some... okay, a lot are real stinkers.  But at our price point, we're going to be holding our noses a lot.

The biggest hurdle, other than our budget, is that my husband and I have differing tastes. My ideal house would be something like a farmhouse or cottage and his ideal house would have a moat and ramparts and cannon or possibly a machine gun nest (or both) and a giant vat of boiling oil to pour over unwanted visitors' heads. I would actually be okay with the boiling oil but only if we could use it to fry doughnuts with.

We both agree that a small tropical island somewhere in the South Pacific is our ideal location.

So, somewhere between my cottage and his castle there has to be a reasonable compromise.

Stop laughing at me - it could happen. I just have to finish rubbing this lamp I found. :)

Houses seen this week: six.

And for the record:

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