Thursday, May 19, 2011

Oh hi there!

It seems I forgot that I had a blog. It probably won't be the last time it happens.  As for any excuse, life got about as busy as it can get. And when you're as lazy as I am that could mean nothing more than the laundry reached critical mass and threatened to swallow us whole.

Well, actually, it did, but other things happened, too.

Free range kids

My oldest daughter was inducted into the Honor Society.

Right on!
And I cried.

My second daughter turned eight.

Purple unicorn, right up her alley

I cried then, too.

My youngest daughter turned one.


Not gonna lie. Cried like a girl.

My third daughter, who did not have a birthday or scholastic achievement, is just plain awesome. And doesn't stop moving. Ever.

Pretty accurate depiction

We got chickens. Because I am trendy like that, yo.


We planted our very first garden ever!


Someone in all there there was Easter, Mother's Day and my husband also had a birthday. People talk about how frantic the month from Thanksgiving to Christmas is but for us it's always April to May. And summer can't come fast enough. Besides our chickens will be old enough to lay eggs by then.

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