Sunday, August 7, 2011


Jackets in July? 

While the rest of the country has been roasting in its own juices (ew!) up here in the Pacific Northwest, we've been waiting for summer to start.

I'm so not complaining.

Back home in Texas it's been well over 100 degrees every day with no rain in site for weeks so I'm enjoying this interesting form of summer and the novel idea of being outside in July and August (really May - June - July - August) without the threat of heat stroke lingering over our heads.

Give a three year-old your camera and step back.

My three-year old has become interested in photography. Well, mostly I think she's just interested in my camera. Her world view is interesting and only reaches about four feet max.

We decided the girls needed a rooster for protection (against one of my dogs -  oh dear) and he's been a fun addition to our growing menagerie even if he's crowing his tiny head off out on the patio as I type this.


I jumped on board yet another trend and canned something for the first time ever. I made it easy on myself and made jam from some raspberries we got at a local U-Pick. We don't even eat jam very much but we're already more than halfway through one jar. I got thirty-five quart sized jars off a lady from Freecycle and I plan on jarring tomatoes later this summer. Woo? Woo.

OMG! Raspberries!

And because I love a good trend we also got bees! Technically they're not our bees, they belong to Eugene the Beeman. We're trading land use for honey, which is he best thing ever. His bees can have all the pollen and whatnot bees need and we get to enjoy the rewards with none of the work! I found Eugene on Craigslist and if you're interested in bees but not the expense and upkeep then you should troll your local list for a week or so and see if anyone needs land for their apiaries.

Also, we have twenty hives.  The sound when we walk by (they're not close to the house) is... well, if we were scared of bees, this would be nightmare fuel.

OMG! Bees!

My chickens need to start putting out. They're sixteen weeks old now and they should be old enough to start laying. Biddies need to get on that or it's chop chop. I got dual purpose for a reason.

I will eat you.

Adventure around the corner

New friend

Starting new fashions

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